Hello, my name is Bonita and I would like to share my story with you.  
After being diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer in
December 2003 and undergoing chemotherapy, I lost all of my hair.  
My active lifestyle and flair for fashion made uncomfortable wigs and
hats impractical.  Eager to feel chic and beautiful again, I wanted to
design a stylish and versatile accessory, inspired by the elegant look
of colorful and fashionable head scarves many women in Hollywood
had been wearing, that would provide women with a beautiful
alternative during a difficult time. I knew that when I recovered I had to
share my creation with women everywhere who were feeling what I
had felt. With the help of my longtime friend Lori, ABonita Scarves®
were created in an array of colors and patterns and designed to be
worn  four different ways.

Today I am thrilled to say that I am healthy and happy!

ABonita Scarf®
Copyright 2007-2014 ABonita Scarf®~All Rights Reserved~ Bonita@abonitascarf.com
I bought my first one @ Leesburg Bike Fest this past
weekend. It was the first thing I bought while there and
right @ around 10am. I LOVE IT!!! OMG I love it SO
much! My gandmother and my mother along with some
friends who have seen it now all love it and want some. I
passed your website along. Congrats on being healthy,
congrats on the business and THANK YOU!

I LOVE MY ABONITA SCARF!!! I bought my 1st one this
past weekend @ Leesburg Bike Fest. Thanks because I
will never wear a "regular" headscarf again!
Bonita wearing original ABonita
Scarf during chemo treatment with
long time girlfriend Cheryl Lynn
(Left) and Sandy (Below)
I just want to thank you for making the most
comfortable scarfs to wear for cancer patients.  I
had a brain tumor removed and the wig I got
presses on the incision and is uncomfortable.  I
wear your scarfs all the time because they breath
with your skin and do not rub my incision.  Kudo's
to you.  I have had people stop me in the grocery
to ask me where I got my scarf so I am advertising
for you like crazy. Thank you so much for making
these scarfs.
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Letters From Customers
I just wanted to say thank you so much for
creating the ABonita scarf... my mom has cancer
and has lost her hair.  She was having a really
hard time figuring how to tie regular scarves and
she didn't want to go the wig route.  I got her the
ABonita Scarf and it has made her life so much
easier!  So, again, thank you so much!

Jaime  :-)
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Bonita, I am really enjoying the first scarf I
purchased from you...I now have chemo head and
finding this scarf to be one of my favorites so I want
to add another color for my wardrobe.  DJ :)
ever seen. I wore it out this afternoon - my hair just started falling out
yesterday. I still have some hair but will get it buzzed in a couple of
days. I got compliments from the gals in the clothing store!! I'll be
ordering a couple more. I may not wear anything but your scarves!!
Thank you for taking such good care of me!
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